PPR Dental Mouth Guards

As certified PPR Dental Mouth Guard Providers, Orange Coast Cosmetic Dentistry prides itself on offering the best mouth guards in the industry.

Completely different to the other mouth guards on the market, PPR Dental Mouth Guards protect both the teeth and the jaw joint while enhancing athletic performance.performance. Need a dentist in Orange California? We are here to provide quality dentistry at affordable prices. Our dentists specialize in all aspects of dental care just to help you have a beautiful and very attractive smile. Customer satisfaction is our main aim and we focus on fundamental health, functionality, affordability, comfort, and aesthetics. Our team and Dr. Beverly are always ready to welcome you and your family with a variety of dental needs to our Orange Coast Cosmetic Dentistry! There is a wide range of services we provide and one of them is PPR Dental Mouthguard. We pride ourselves on being certified PPR Dental Mouth Guard Providers. Just trust us and we will deliver the best Dental Mouth Guards Orange CA available in the industry. They are totally different comparing to the other types of mouth guards on the market. Whenever you start using them, you will see how they protect your teeth and the jaw joint while enhancing athletic performance at the same time.
Dental Mouth Guard Orange Ca is a perfect solution you could ever find. Actually, protecting your teeth with this dental mouth guards is very important. All football, soccer, wrestling, and hockey players need a high-quality mouth guard in order to protect their teeth like any part of their body. There are three types of mouth guards on the market but Dental Mouth Guards Orange Coast stand out due to their quality, comfort and effectiveness. Don’t opt for mouth guards bought from your local sports store or pharmacy. Contact us today and many for additional information.
Protect Your Teeth

Protecting your teeth with a PPR Dental Mouth Guard is just as important as protecting the rest of your body, regardless of the sport. It’s obvious that football, soccer, wrestling, and hockey players need a professionally made mouth guard, but amateurs can benefit from the device as well.

The other mouth protectors on the market don’t compare to the PPR Dental Mouth Guard available from Orange Coast Cosmetic Dentistry.

There are three types of mouthguards on the market that include:
Standard mouth protectors

A one size fits all solution to mouth protection, a standard mouth protector is uncomfortable to wear making talking and even breathing nearly impossible. Available from your local sports store or pharmacy, standard mouth protectors are usually left in the locker or gym bag.

Boil and Bite

One step ahead of standard mouth protectors, boil, and bite mouthguards are placed in your mouth after heating in hot water. These conform to your teeth, but aren’t an exact fit. Boil and bite can be just as cumbersome as a standard mouth protector can be.

According to the American Dental Association, blows to the head from sports injuries account for a huge percentage of knocked out teeth and jaw injuries. If a PPR Dental Mouth Guard had been worn, those injuries and an unexpected trip to the ER may have been prevented.