Pure Power Mouthguard™

About The Pure Power Mouthguard™

Bring your game to a whole new level with the pure power mouthguard. Athletes in high-impact sports like football, rugby, basketball, and hockey all require a mouthguard to protect their teeth and prevent injury during facial trauma. Pure power mouthguard revolutionizes how all athletes play the game – it’s popular in every type of sport including golf, soccer, jogging and even weight training. Athletes know how important it is for every part of the body to work in harmony. This mouth guard not only protects the teeth, it helps to keep the jaw in position, to keep you focused on the game.

The Research Behind Pure Power Mouthguard™

Why do athletes in lower impact sports choose to wear a mouthguard? Essentially, Pure Power Mouthguard does what other mouthguards can’t. It protects your teeth while making it possible for you to improve your game.

Simply put, most people, due to lack of orthodontic work, a history of allergies or esophageal problems do not have a lower jaw that is properly aligned. The lower jaw muscles can shift and clench when they are not in alignment. This, in turn, causes the individual to lean their heads forward in an attempt to bring the teeth together properly when the mouth is closed. This straining to align the teeth puts added pressure on the facial, neck and back muscles. If it is not corrected while playing a spot, it can affect spinal positioning and posture.

Pure Power Mouthguard is based on this premise of neuromuscular dentistry. It is designed to keep the jaw in place for all athletes. Which reduces muscle strain and helps to improve posture and upper strength.

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How Does Pure Power Mouthguard™ Work?

Pure Power Mouthguard is custom fitted to your mouth. Our dentists will use digitalized jaw tracking technology, and Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation (TENS) to properly assess the natural shift of your jaw. The mouthguard will then be specifically designed to fit the mouth and correct the position of the lower jaw.

The Power Of Pure Power Mouthguard™

Our specialized dental staff are specifically trained in Neuromuscular Dentistry. When you are fitted for the Pure Power Mouthguard, your dentist will determine the optimal position of your jaw and bite.

For many, the correct position for the jaw is down and slightly forward, which is why we often lean our heads down. When this position is created naturally by the mouthguard, the patient experiences released tension in the neck, back, facial and shoulder muscles. Your back will be relaxed and the spine will be properly aligned. When the lower jaw position is corrected, it helps to improve breathing and air flow as well.

Impressions are taken of your bite and upper and lower jaw. Most patients are good candidates for the Pure Power Mouthguard. However, patients that are missing teeth or have experienced severe dental trauma may not be as likely candidates. Pure Power Mouthguard helps athletes in every type of sport improve their tooth alignment and their game.

If you are interested in learning more about the Pure Power Mouthguard and Neuromuscular Dentistry contact us today.

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