Cosmetic Dentistry for the Smile You Deserve

Cosmetic Dentistry for the Smile You Deserve

Not everyone is born with a beautiful smile. In fact, most of your favorite celebrities have had some type of cosmetic dentistry procedure to keep them in the limelight.

A decade ago, most people couldn’t afford cosmetic dentistry, but thankfully, times have changed.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Unlike general dentistry, which brings your teeth and gums back to normal function, cosmetic dentistry goes one-step further creating a beautiful smile that Mother Nature didn’t give you.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Professional Tooth Whitening
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Cosmetic Dental Bonding
  • Invisalign®
  • Orthodontics
  • Inlays and Onlays
  • Tooth Colored Fillings
  • Implant Dentistry

Is Everyone a Candidate for Cosmetic Dentistry?

While nearly everyone is a good candidate for cosmetic dentistry, you will first need to schedule an appointment with your dentist in Laguna Niguel.

During your checkup, Dr. Lindy Beverly will make sure that your teeth and gums are healthy before proceeding with recommendations. Tooth decay and gum disease will need to be addressed before cosmetic dentistry can take place.

If you have excellent oral health, you may only require a professional tooth whitening appointment. However, if you are not happy with crooked, tipped, or rotated teeth, other procedures may be recommended such as clear braces.

Do Your Cosmetic Dentistry Research

Your Long Beach dentist explains that researching cosmetic dentistry procedures will help keep you informed. If you know a little about each procedure, you will understand what the doctor is talking about when she mentions porcelain veneers or cosmetic dental bonding. Also, read the reviews and watch procedural videos as it will give you the inside scoop about what to expect.

A Cosmetic Dentist for Quality Work

Not all dentists are qualified to provide you with cosmetic dentistry. Because the American Dental Association does not recognize cosmetic dentistry as a specialty, no additional training is required. This means that any dentist can advertise cosmetic dentistry procedures even if he or she has not been trained to do so.

Dr. Beverly is a cosmetic dentist who has the formal education needed for cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry is an art. Call or click and schedule an appointment with Dr. Lindy Beverly. Your dentist in Orange has the skills and the experience to give you the smile you deserve.

Call or click today.

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