Dental Crowns in One Day are Possible

Dental Crowns in One Day are Possible

Dental crowns in a day are now possible thanks to CEREC©. The phenomenal chairside dental procedure allows Orange Coast Cosmetic Dentistry to place a natural colored dental crown in a single dental appointment.

Beautiful Dental Crowns while you Wait

Unlike conventional metal, porcelain or porcelain to metal crowns, CEREC© natural crowns are made in the office while you wait, and you don’t have to wear a temporary dental crown while yours is being manufactured either.

Why CEREC© is Awesome

According to cosmetic dentist Dr. Lindy Beverly, CEREC©® was designed to save you time and money as it eliminates multiple office visits.

With the magic of CEREC© you won’t have to deal with messy dental impressions as everything is done with 3D technology. CEREC© is a non-toxic product that is applied directly to the tooth before a picture is taken.

After the picture has been taken, Dr. Beverly will be able to see a digital photo and using digital technology will design the crown before sending it to the milling machine for manufacture.

The milling machine in itself is an amazing piece of equipment that takes a ceramic block of CEREC© patented material matched to the color of your tooth and turns it into a brand new crown in about 20 minutes. When your crown is ready, Dr. Beverly will check for color and fit before cementing permanently into place.

CEREC© for the Best Looking Crown in Town

Unlike metal or even metal to porcelain crowns, CEREC© crowns look natural. CEREC© is matched to your own teeth and shines just like your own smile. CEREC© is also used for dental implants, veneers, inlays, onlays and tooth colored fillings. CEREC© can be used to repair chips, cracks and to change the color of your teeth.

If you would like more information regarding CEREC©, call or click and schedule an appointment with Orange Coast Cosmetic Dentistry.

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