Clear Braces: No One will Ever Know

Clear Braces: No One will Ever Know

If you have always dreamed of a straighter smile, you don’t have to dream anymore.

In fact, adults whose families couldn’t afford braces and loathe the thought of wearing conventional wires and brackets for up to two years can have a straight and beautiful smile with clear braces. In fact, some see results in 6 months.

What are Clear Braces?

Because invisible braces are made from clear plastic dental material that is pliable and comfortable, they are safe. Furthermore, the medical grade plastic is so see through the only people who will know you are having your teeth altered are you and the team from Orange Coast Cosmetic Dentistry.

Using a serious of clear plastic aligners, clear braces gently move your teeth into position. Firstly, unlike conventional braces, you won’t have to see Dr. Beverly Lindy every two weeks for painful adjustments. Secondly, clear braces only need to be checked every six weeks or so to make sure your Invisalign© blueprint is going according to plan.

Invisalign© Clear Braces

Dr. Beverly is a preferred Invisalign© provider located in Laguna Hills, Long Beach and Orange. As a result she and her team have the training and the experience to determine if you and your teeth are a good fit for clear braces. In addition, Invisalign© is best for people who don’t have severe under or over bites or teeth that widely spaced.

The Invisalign© Process

If you are a good fit for clear braces, Dr. Beverly will make a mold of your teeth. This is sent to the Invisalign© lab. Depending on your plan you will need between 11 and 31 sets of aligners.

When your aligners are ready, you will wear them between 20 and 22 hours every day because you’ll remove your clear braces when you brush and floss as well as when you eat.

On average, most patients see results within 12 to 18 months. Some see results in as little as six to nine months.

If you would like a straighter smile, call or click and schedule an Invisalign© Consultation. Your Orange Coast Cosmetic Dentistry will make you smile again. Call today.

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